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Art By U Gallery - Paintings by Master Artist Tom Anderson


The Hawaiian Night Before Christmas

The Hawaiian Night Before Christmas Children's Book


All-American 2014 Calendar


Gay studio Corbin Fisher showcases the ideal of the All-American Dream Boy. Twelve yummy-licious cuties to guide you through the year. This is the official calendar of the world famous brand Corbin Fisher.



All Players 2014 Calendar


The All Players 2014 Calendar - Gallery Edition is over-sized (nearly 27" x 20" when folded!) and perfect for framing. Featuring images from Rick Day's successful All Players book, this calendar is sure to be a sell-out. Grab your copy (and one for a friend!) today!



American Eros 2014 Calendar


With his photo book, American Eros, photographer Mark Henderson successfully transformed images of men into images of American Dream sex objects. With American Eros 2014, he successfully transforms his amazing book into a stunning calendar.



Bear Men 2014 Calendar


Some of the hottest, hairiest models from Butch Dixon come together in Bear Men 2014 - the best-selling calendar that is sure to please those who lust after real men.



Buckshot Boys 2014 Calendar


Boys! Young, confident and energetic Boys: loving life and always smiling. We're just crazy for these boys. Make 2014 a year-long celebration of their youthful energy and lust for life as you enjoy 12 eye-popping months of Buckshot Boys in the buff.



COLT Couples 2014 Calendar


The timing and the chemistry were just right for the return of our COLT Couples Calendar. When COLT Men come together before our cameras the heat of their attraction is undeniable. After only a brief hiatus we have collected a treasure trove of steamy hot COLT Man encounters that could fill a book. Here are 13 examples of that COLT Couples magic that is sure to make 2014 a year to remember.



COLT Leather 2014 Calendar


There has always been a close relationship between COLT Men and leather. The synergy of rugged leather adorning the hard muscular bodies of COLT Men causes a primal stir in the loins of any red-blooded man. Wearing their lust like a second skin these COLT Men show off leather the way its meant to be worn. In 2014 be sure to explore your wild side and share the journey with 12 months of COLT Men dressed for the occasion.



Gods of Sport 2014 Calendar


The Gods of Sport 2014 Calendar brings us some of the best works from Pedro Virgil's best seller of the same name, Gods of Sport. Virgilís styled portraits of athletic male bodies are nothing short of a celebration of testosterone-laden masculinity.



Hombres 2014 Calendar


Originally shot by Joan Crisol as promotional material for fashion brand ES, the photos in the Hombres 2014 Calendar are also included in the book of the same name, Hombres. Featuring hot guys hanging out and sun-bathing in Spain, you'll love every inch of this 12-month pictorial extravaganza.



Jeff Palmer 2014 Calendar


Jeff Palmer is a successful photographer whose black & white photographs are intimate and touching, erotic and aesthetic masterpieces. The images included in the Jeff Palmer 2014 Calendar make this one a classic!



Men of Hot House 2014 Calendar


You'll never run out of hot, horny hunks with this calendar! Hot House is undoubtedly one of the best studios for high quality men, and the Men of Hot House 2014 Calendar is filled to the brim with it's biggest, hottest stars.



Men of Next Door Studios 2014 Calendar


People know Next Door Studios for their amazing collection of the hottest jocks with piercing smiles and amazing physiques, and Men of Next Door 2014 brings some of their best and most popular performers together for you to enjoy throughout the year.



Naked & Rugged 2014 Calendar


Look no further than Raging Stallion Studios for the hottest bad boys around, and Naked & Rugged 2014 features some of its most rugged, aggressive studs for you to admire all year long.



Naked Fur 2014 Calendar


Raging Stallion Studios delivers a full year of hairy, muscular, rugged men with Naked Fur 2014 - sure to be a favorite for those who enjoy their men rough, real and un-manicured.



Provocateur - Studio Men 2014 Calendar


By popular demand, this incredibly popular, sensual calendar - Provocateur - Studio Men 2014 - draws you into the world of photographer Murray! filled with masculine, well-endowed male nudes.



Sneax 2014 Calendar


A you a die-hard lover of all things feet? Perhaps you just appreciate a hot pair of sneakers on an equally hot-bodied man? Either way, I think we can all celebrate the fact that someone's finally made a calendar dedicated to sneakers and the muscle boys that wear them. Sneax 2014 Calendar: the best... ever.



Stallions 2014 Calendar


No one knows the meaning of masculine better than Raging Stallion Studios, and these rough and rugged men are back in Stallions 2014 - featuring the biggest, baddest models in the industry.



Timeless Bodies 2014 Calendar


Timeless Bodies 2014 is a calendar of images from the massively successful book, Timeless Bodies by David Vance - a renowned photographer whose celebrity portraits include Dionne Warwick, Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, William Baldwin, Sophia Loren, and many more. He is truly a master of timeless beauty and sensual photography.



Turnon: Boys 2014 Calendar


Youth and innocence have always taken our breath away, and this is the calendar is dedicated to those very two things. Based on the successful photo book, Turnon: Boys, Turnon: Boys 2014 will have you gasping for air.







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2014 Gay Calendars




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